Music Video for “Unborn Grace” is in Production

Hey You Guys -

It’s been awesome to see how many of you have become fans recently – thank you! I’ll try to keep you updated of my news and ministry notes.

Something great is in the works: The Esther Call is coming to Dallas. Dallas has the dubious distinction of being the location of the courthouse where the Roe v Wade decision was handed down 39 years go this coming Good Friday. The Esther Call is to be a gathering of women occurring this Good Friday in 2012 who will stand at that same courthouse in support of the unborn, later going to the Dallas Convention Center to hear some speakers but mainly to pray that that decision of 39 years ago be overturned.

Along this same theme is my song, “Unborn Grace”. Imagine a post-abortive woman facing the shame of her past. My intent through the lyrics of “Unborn Grace” is not to shame this woman, but to lament the person who was supposed to be known, who was supposed to be loved. I miss that person. As the lyrics say, “Wish I had known you, how would I be changed; Wish you had known me, I’d teach you the narrow way; Wish you could understand the meaning of your name…”

The music video for “Unborn Grace” is in production. Please pray with me about its completion, about its promotion, and about its launch in the coming months.

I’d love to hear from you, too! And, I pray you hear from the Lord more clearly, more often, and more passionately than before!


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